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Conscious/Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance is an intuitive, barefoot free-dance experience combined with somatic guidance & uplifting soundwave to help you loosen up & let go on the dancefloor. Reconnecting you with YOUR DANCE. Your birth right.  


We dance to EXPRESS, not impress.

Connecting to the music & your body, expressing what words cannot, dancing with whatever is present for you in any way that feels right for you. Step in perhaps feeling self conscious, anxious, or awkward (this is very normal!) and step out feeling elated with a sense of belonging, unity & freedom. 

Move shyly, mildly or wildly. Sit & sway through the whole dance or prance around the room like a loon. Anything goes.


No judgement. No rules. No steps. No pretence. No hierarchy. No comparison. No dance police! 

Who is this for?
Ecstatic Dance is an inclusive life practice for ALL ages, sizes, genders & fitness levels. Absolutely no experience is required. Are you ready to commit to your wellbeing, to feel better about yourself & your body, to break free from self sabotage, conditioning & mind chatter? Or do you simply love music & miss your dancing days? Or perhaps your seeking community & a sense of belonging? Each person comes for different reasons but all receive so much more than they came for.


The Soundwave:  

A specially curated setlist of music from all over this Earth. Soothing ambient sounds, grounding drum, soul stirring tribal beats, uplifting dance tracks, heart opening melodies, soulful rhythms and so much more. We start off slow to land, stretch & tune in. The soundwave gradually builds to help you loosen up & let go to a euphoric, exhilarating peak then gradually we come down onto the Earth for a somatic led cool down & relaxation.


Weekly WEDNESDAY EVE & monthly  WEEKEND dancefloors await!

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