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"We were all born with these extraordinary bodies. We may as well have some fun in them!"

Marie, Founder of The Dance Sanctuary Hampshire

Welcome! The Dance Sanctuary, based in Alton, has helped hundreds of dancing humans to FIND FREEDOM on the dancefloor for the past 10 years. Marie, Founder of The Dance Sanctuary & experienced Somatic Movement teacher, has an innate skill of making you feel welcome, at ease & safe to move through any fears and blocks you may experience on the dancefloor.

Marie shares...'At 30, dancing literally helped save my life & now it continues to transform my life at 50. It makes me feel ALIVE so I will dance till I die! Will you join me?'

The Dance Sanctuary promises freedom, fun, friendship, community, optimum health, vitality, & a sense of belonging. Please join us.

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